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YRIC (Yazd rubber Industries Complex) was established in 1985 with the objectives of formation of certain manufacturing plants, and training / research constitutions in rubber industries.
YRIC’s site is located nearby Yazd, a city in Iran which is of a distance 840 Km in the south East of capital city Tehran.

 Yazd rubber industries complex (YRIC) has been established since 1985 and serves as manufacturer of tires and tubes for bicycle , motorcycle , light truck and passenger car .YRIC`s products are supplied under the brand name of Yazd Tire.

Applying up –to date technology and state of the art machinery succeeded YRIC to promote Yazd Tire brand name in the local and foreign tire markets. The foundation for Yazd Tire success is its ability to supply quality products, on time delivery and after sales services .

Yazd Tire products are well known in many countries from Asia ,Africa and Europe such that almost every day new inquiries are received from abroad .

As a leading tire manufacturer in the country primarily, Yazd Tire has been producing a wide range of bicycle and motorcycle tires and tubes for in house and foreign markets .

As the result of the technical agreement with VERDESTEIN Consulting B.V of Netherlands ,YRIC launched the production of radial steel belted tires for passengers cars in year 2006.

Besides operating to ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 through a quality system certified by DQS GmbH, Yazd Tire holds full authorization to use VREDESTEIN name together with Yazd Tire as brand name on all its radial steel belted tires.

Now, thanks to global good reputation of VERDESTEIN as one of the best tire manufacturers in Europe and fame of Yazd Tire brand name more customer are attached all over the world .

At the first phase of production expansion 15 sizes of steel belted radial tires for the rimes 13″,14″,15″ and 16″ are in the scope of production ,these 15 sizes are categorized in 6 tire pattern families, URANUS , VENUS , SATURN , JUPITER , MARS and MERCURY.

URANUS: with its low rolling resistance ,less noise ,minimum air loss, exceptional grip on wet roads , low fuel consumption , is suitable for high ways . 

VENUS : or all seasons pattern has a combination of advantages of high level of wet road adhesion which leaves short break marks, is suitable for driving in different weather conditions .

SATURN: has maximum traction on wet slippery roads ,excellent winter properties at temperature below 7 centigrade ,optimal disposal of mud and snow , is suitable for driving on mud and snowy roads .

JUPITER: A multi functional pattern, with maximum water drainage, advanced rubber compound for perfect road contact , is good for easy comfortable driving.
MARS: Asymmetrical tread pattern –Summer tire – Maximum water disposal-
Exceptional grip on wet roads – Quiet tire – Sporty shape – Minimum air loss- Fuel saving.
MERCURY: All season tire – Good performance of drainage on the wet road – Efficient in high speed driving by reducing water pressure on the grounding spot – Quiet riding (low noise) – Excellent steering response in unexpected handling – Minimum vibration –Good braking function on wet road condition. 
Hundred percentage of radial tires produced by Yazd Tire will be passed through uniformity and X-ray test .A random sample will be evaluated for 
durability , also better performance at high speed and road test under influence of different weather .

Yazd Tire under certain rules and standards guaranties its radial tires to perform at least 80000 kilometers .

All tires made by Yazd Tire will be tested for uniformity and standards required by all car manufactures will be classified and considered carefully .

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