The CompanyErmia trading is a globally operating trading company for commodities with a special focus on iron ore. Our business also includes trading in manganese ore, coal, met koe, steel and other commodities. Our numerous strategic locations along the global commodity trading routes are efficiently positioned.

As a recognized specialist for commodities, we offer our customers and suppliers a professional service. Reliability is our calling card. We coordinate and manage all activities from our headquarters in Iran. Our business model stands on two pillars:

1) Trading in iron ore and other commodities.

2) Processing and extracting commodities, particularly iron ore. The expansion of the value creation chain to the business serves the goal of enhancing our independence on the procurement market and improving our ability to supply our customers. The main driver of our business is growth in Asia. Population growth, along with the urbanization and rising standards of living in China, is especially contributing to a constantly growing demand for steel and iron ore. An increase in steel demand is also expected for the coming years in other Far East regions as well as in the CIS states (Russia and former Soviet republics). Commodity trading is gaining momentum.

This means that flexible companies with the ability to react quickly have a competitive advantage. Ermia has this ability and is positioned to immediately recognize market trends and react for the benefit of its customers.

With our global network of representative offices and affiliated companies, we have access to quarrying regions from Asia to Africa and South America. Intensive daily market observation and competent analyses regarding future developments ensure that our customers receive competitive offers. The expertise we have gained from our experience in international shipping also results in favorable shipping rates and reliable deliveries.


In addition to our core business with iron ore, our product range also includes chrome and manganese ore as well as coal. In other words, we offer a broad spectrum of commodities that play a key role in the metal and steel industries.

As an expert in the commodity markets, Ermia Trading focuses on trading with mineral-based commodities such as iron, manganese and chrome ore. In addition to the ore business, we also supply coal and steel raw materials. Our supply offers also include steel raw materials such as steel billets, coils, mill scale and beach or pig iron. With our local office expertise on site, we offer our customers a broad selection of offers for customized services in the trading business. This makes Ermia trading your reliable trading partner, even for spontaneous needs. Our broad network of offices allows us to ensure that we can supply our customers even on a tight deadline.

Iron oreThe chemical element iron is not usually found in its pure form in nature, but rather mostly as oxidic iron ore which is extracted through mining. It is the second most common metal after aluminum. The ore is used in making steel, which is not only needed in the infrastructure and real estate industries, but is also of great importance to the automotive, shipbuilding, production and household appliance industries as well.

Iron ore is extracted either through underground mining or the less complex and cheaper method of open-cast mining. Open-cast mined iron ore comes mainly from Canada, Brazil, Australia, Eastern Europe (Ural) and China. These countries have replaced the former iron ore exporters of France, Sweden and Germany over the past few decades. We offer iron ore with an FE content of 40% to 62% as lumps and fine among other formats.

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