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 having more than 40 subgroups and dependent companies, after 5 years of proud activities in detergent industries and presenting well-known brands of Golrang, AVE, Softlan and etc., entered in food industries to complete its product basket and started to produce various kinds of cooking oils by introducing Golbarg-e-Baharan Agriculture and Industry Company. Golrang Pakhsh Co. (one of the Golrang-dependent distribution companies) is responsible for distributing Oila products in Iran. Please refer to Golrang Pakhsh Websitefor more information and orders.

Oila, with the purpose of presenting a complete product basket, has a variety of different cooking oils according to different diets in its production and development program.

From a simple Omelet for breakfast;
A delicious stew for lunch;
To a sweet cake for afternoon;
And a healthy salad for dinner.
Oila has in mind to introduce a special food for each meal.

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