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Established in 1973, Bavand Consultant is an architecture and urban design firm with the highest ranking from Iran’s Management & Planning Organization. Over the past three decades, Bavand has been at the forefront of innovative design, consistently seeking intelligent solutions to a variety of design problems. The firm’s portfolio covers a broad range of projects in scope and scale, from urban and regional development plans, to university campuses, government and public buildings, LRT station, diplomatic buildings, residential projects, and preservation of historic structures. Many of these projects have received honors and recognitions from the architecture establishment as well as community leaders of Iran.

With offices in Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, and Mashhad, and more than 80 employees whose areas of expertise include architecture, urban design, civil engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, quantity surveyors and experts in sociology and economics, Bavand is one of the most diverse design firms in Iran. In order to increase its geographical and professional scope, the firm has also joined with domestic and international partners in the past, including the Iranian Management Company, Hamyaran Institute, Kirkland International Partners, M3ar, and Spielmann Officehouse.

Bavand is member of various professional associations, such as the Management and Planning Organization of Iran, the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers, the syndicate of Consulting Architects and Planners, and has been on the roster of UNIDO since 1994.

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54 Shahritash St. North Sohrevardi Tehran , Iran 15596

Telephone : +98(21) 88763054-7

Fax : +98(21) 88762652 E-mail:info@bavand.net[/su_box]