At a Glance ATEC Consultants is an architecture, urban planning and structure organization [firm] in Tehran/Iran which was established in 1981. In its span of 30 years ATEC has completed more than 1520 projects in different fields such as airports, harbors, sports complexes, residential complexes and various urban planning projects including urban developments, detail master plans and etc. ATEC has established itself as an engineering/architectural organization which is independent in regards of design and studies through founding 7 subdivisions in Tehran working in the fields of architecture, urban planning and structure, and 4 branches in other provinces in Iran including Isfahan, Gilan, Qom and Kish Island. These subdivisions and branches all act independently but under the management of ATEC Central. ATEC Consultants currently has 51 shareholders and more than 345 full-time personnel and is designing and supervising 65 projects estimated at more than $2.6 billion. Clients’ satisfaction and utilizing quality and time management are the key visions of ATEC’s current executives. Achieving ISO 9001-2008 and disseminating its culture among the personnel, has helped achieving higher degrees of quality management. In 2004, ATEC won the International Quality Award (IQA) from BID International Organization in engineering credit excellence. The same award was granted to ATEC Consultants in 2008 again.

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Address:No.4, 8th str., Gandhi Ave. Tehran-Iran

Postal Code:1517736714

Tel:(+98 21) 88675672-9 ; (+98 21) 82447 (30 Lines)

Fax:(+98 21) 88675680