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In business for more than 27 years, quotation, analysis reports, negotiation and establishment rates for all modes of transportation, worldwide with experienced staffs.

Huge tonnage shipped by group assures clients of most favorable rates and services.

Specialists and selected agents in all major ports.

Delegates in certain ports and on jobsite delivery jobs.
The connection

Subsidiaries, representatives and agents on a world – wide scale.

Members of all important transportation organization domestic and abroad.

Through huge tonnage generated by the group access to lowest possible rates for all modes of transportation to all ports of the world.
The Job


From small shipments to entire project, TTC has virtually done it all.

Complete plants moved from manufactures place to jobsite thousands of kilometers away.

Emergency shipments for many industries handled successfully by land / air / ocean freight.
The Advantage

The total system concept: Single source control.
Specialized departments: Project shipments.
Via TTC group access to all world – wide market.
Substantial saving for shippers and consignees though well – experienced staff in all offices, extensive network of TTC offices, subsidiaries and selected agents.

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Head office: 1st floor, # 20, Sepand Str. Ostad Nejatollahi ( Villa) Ave . Tehran 15989 – Iran Tel: +98-21-88903086/90

Fax: +98-21-88903898 [/su_box]