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With over thirty years’ experience and by using advanced equipment and updated technology, Mana Food Industry Company produces different kinds of pasta in various shapes with a view to achieving the desirable quality. 

Mana’s continuous production line is equipped with a polymatic system which has no need for any manual operations. In this method, flour and water mix inside a closed container, and the required pasta is produced in less than 20 seconds.

 In addition to upgrading quality, the polymatic system makes the product even and makes the pasta smooth for the next stages. 

 On the other hand, the equipped laboratories in Mana Factory are responsible for observing the health regulations and product quality by conducting different tests. 

 All are efforts aim at bringing to your dining table a product unique in taste and quality which will always be memorable. ique in its kind, and, by making new products such as fiber- and vegetable-containing pasta and lasagna, it is producing and marketing tasty products with high food value in order for Mana to firmly top the pasta industry.


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