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Iran Tire manufacturing Co. produces different types of automobile rubber as well as van, cargo, bus, farm, and road-construction tires. The company was established in 1964 and was launched in 1965 under the name of General Tire and Rubber of Iran. Different types of automobile rubber produced by Iran Tire includes different sizes of bias tire and tread radical tires, which are all produced under the trademark of Iran Tire. 

Iran Tire Co. (public stocks) was launched in 1965 with the capacity of producing 4000 tones of automobile rubber per year. After the implementation of two development plans, the production capacity was increased to 26000 tones of automobile rubber per year. 


Iran Tire Co. (public stocks) is among the companies affiliated with the Islamic Revolution Oppressed Foundation, with 55.53% of stocks belonging to this foundation, 13.23% to the Iranian National Investment Co., 19% to Privatization Organization and 27.84% belonging to other stockholders of Iran Tire. 

Taking into account the ever-increasing need for radical tires (radial belt cord automobile rubber) and the decreasing demand for bias tires, Iran Tire has embarked on implementation of the first stage of its plan and development for manufacturing automobile belt cord rubber with a capacity of 4000 tones in order to have a more effective role in the market and to maintain and to increase its share of the market. This project will be implemented fully by 2010. 

Production of automobile rubber in Iran Tire Co. reached a capacity of 27000 tones of face capacity in 2008. The company has allocated to itself 14.5% of the automobile rubber market. Of this amount, about 17% of the company’s sale is in the form of O.E tires to auto manufacturers, 13% to organizations, and 70% to the market. 

In order to manufacture better quality products and to have a more effective presence in the market, Iran Tire Co. chose Matador Co., as the company to provide technical knowledge due to the company’s worldwide fame. In addition, the company chose the machines that work in the line of manufacturing automobile rubber as well as other machineries from the best manufacturers in France, Netherlands, Germany, and Slovakia in order to have a role, no matter how little it is, in the manufacturing industry and self-sufficiency of Iran. 


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Address: Iran Tire Manufacturing Co., Opposite Ghods Air Industries, Km 5 Karaj Makhsoos Road, Tehran, Iran

Phone: (+9821) 445034-60-9

Fax: (+9821) 44503490

Email: info@irantire.com[/su_box]

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