OJSC “Altaivagon” is one of the largest rail freight car building companies in Russia.
1. The principal enterprise in Novoaltaisk (Altai Territory) develops and manufactures new car models, also handling general and scheduled repair work.
2. The subsidiary in Rubtsovsk (Altai Territory) produces steel castings.
3. The subsidiary in Kemerovo (Kemerovo Region) assembles different models of flatcars and tank cars.
The main products of OJSC “Altaivagon” include about 20 car models of different types and designs, suitable for handling any type of lading. The wide range of products, constant production improvement and development of new car models always meet the customers’ expectations.


OJSC “Altaivagon”

1. develops and manufactures modern, customer-oriented models of rail freight cars;
2. handles general and scheduled repair work on the cars;
3. produces light, medium-size and heavy steel castings.

The production capacities of OJSC “Altaivagon” allow manufacturing up to 9000 freight cars per year and repairing or rebuilding up to 1200 per year. The major production workshops can provide manufacture of three car models at the same time. The current production of steel castings at the Rubtsovsk Subsidiary is over 3300 tons per month, the product nomenclature numbers over 55 casting items, including light, medium-size and heavy castings.

Technical upgrading of production capacities is one of OJSC “Altaivagon”’s priority orientations. In 2009, the tool shop was successfully upgraded with high-efficiency machining equipment with high and stable accuracy rates for manufacturing die and forge-and-press tooling. The equipment includes EDM NC copying punching and wire-cutting machines, multifunctional vertical machining center Mikron VCE 1600 Pro, NS vertical knee-and-column milling machines FMS 3000 (model GF 2171). The introduction of modern machining technologies has allowed high-accuracy and consistent-quality production of the most fashioned tools and die tooling, as well as machining of quenched low-alloy steel. For increasing endurance qualities of die and forge-and-press tooling, a chemical treatment technology (diffusion borating) has been adopted.

   Scale test car, model A300

is used for testing railroad scales. Scale test car is equipped with four-wheel trucks of model 18-100, automatic air brake, automatic coupler, hand brake gear, pullout boom with an electric drive along which the electric hoist moves, with a load lifting capacity of 2 t, for loading and unloading test trucks and calibrated weights. The buyer provides the car with test trucks and calibrated weights.

 Flatcar, model 13-2114

Eight-wheel general purpose flatcar of model 13-2114 is used for transportation of wheel or track vehicles, piece freight, lumber products and other commodities not requiring protection from the weather.

Tank car

ank car of model 15-289 is used for hauling light oil products on railroads of 1520 mm gauge and can also be transferred to the main railroads of 1435 mm gauge (with trucks replaced). Running gear consists of four-wheel trucks of model 18-100. The car is equipped with automatic coupler and elastomeric draft gear, automatic and hand brake, load-empty device. The tank and all bearing elements are made of 09G2D low-alloy steel. The car is designed for top loading using vacuum pump. Unloading is performed through bottom. Average working pressure (regulated by safety valve) is 0.15 MPa (1.5 kgs/cm²).


OJSC “Altaivagon” (Novoaltaisk)
Russia, Altay, Novoaltaisk,
22th Street Partsezda, 16
Phone: +7 (38532) 36-0-34
Fax: +7 (38532) 47-4-33

Rubtsovsk subsidiary of OJSC “Altaivagon” (Rubtsovsk)
Russia, Altay, Rubcovsk,
Tractor street, 33
Phone: +7 (38557) 52-7-86
Fax: +7 (38557) 52-5-02
Kuzbass Railcar Building Company subsidiary of OJSC “Altaivagon” (Kemerovo)
Russia, Kemerovo region, Kemerovo,
Tereshkova street, 45
Phone: +7 (3842) 31-30-11
Fax: +7 (3842) 31-32-60

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