Design & Construction Management Company (DCMC; In Farsi called as “Tarh va Modiriat-e Ejra) has been established on 2003 to provide engineering services and management as a connection between basic engineering environment and construction activities correctly and effectively. The range of services is Detailed Design, Procurement engineering services, Construction supervision and Management for oil/gas/petrochemical, industrial and architectural/building projects.

As a matter of fact, basic designer has few concerns on the area of construction activities. In addition to detailed engineering outcomes, construction contractor needs many other sorts of data, design and services to be able to complete the project. All of such basic endorsement, clarifications, voids, misunderstandings, constructability, redesign requirements, procurement engineering services and site construction supervision and management are in the scope of DCMC activities.

  In this regard, DCMC as an organization with an engineering entity and not a construction team has this capacity to fill the existing gap between engineering consulting companies, running basic design and construction contractors.

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Address:2nd floor,#63, Shahid Khodami, Vanak Sq., Tehran (1994849494), IRAN Email: info@dcmcengineering.com & dcmcengineering@yahoo.com [/su_box]