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Behrizan was founded in the mid 1970’s in Isfahan the capital city of art and beauty in Iran
The company has always endeavored to achieve excellence in the design and production of high quality door handles
Thanks to this vision, Behrizan has revolutionized the Iranian door handle industry, providing products that combine beautiful design, functionality and value for money. This together with excellent customer service means Behrizan sets the standard for door handles in Iran


 Door-handles2500 BEHRIZAN   2000 BEHRIZANDoor-handles2700 BEHRIZAN1800 BEHRIZANWindow-Handle BEHRIZAN    Rimlock BEHRIZAN   LB 70 BEHRIZAN  
In less than three decades Behrizan has become the ultimate choice on the market and has set the pace for the industry. For this reason thousands of customers consider Behrizan to be the brand of quality, reliability and credibility.Recent re-engineering in the production facilities allowed us to bring the most up-to-date technologies inside the company and had great impact on the production capacity The production line consist of high pressure die forging machining
Fitting along with finishing operations such as: Polishing, electroplating, paint shops and packaging which allows to manufacture a wide range



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