ntroducing Aptus Iran Company,

Aptus Iran company with more than three decades of vast activities in construction industry was established in 1360 and presently is known as one of the most dynamic company in the above field in the country.

This knowledge orientated organization by relying on the technical knowledge and the experience of its expert human resources  in this field and also its energetic management, has had an important role in providing the proper constructional infrastructure and finally taking care of its client’s needs.

Followings are the list of main activities that the company is involved with;

۱-      General contractor, (presently holding the country’s highest rank)

۲-      Ready mixed concrete and various concrete blocks, (floor coverings, curbs, concrete blocks, concrete props and various other products)

۳-      Research and development, (implementing research projects in the related fields)

  aptusiran APTUS IRAN COMPANY xlmachine APTUS IRAN COMPANY mass-construction APTUS IRAN COMPANY

The top management of this organization with their firm belief in executing the effective and proper management system are monitoring the direction of the company’s goals towards continuous quality improvement of the products, the related process and the work environment which by experience have always resulted in customer satisfaction, nevertheless this trend of thoughts and actions have affected all others involved along the way.

By having such theory and paying special attention to its human resources as the main collateral of the company and also the surrounding environment have created an even management system according to the international standards, (IMS).

The above goals have caused a unique mandate and charter for the organization which are as follows;

۱-      Customer orientated.

۲-      Improving the knowledge of our human resources.

۳-      Developing the market by improving our commercial outlook.

۴-      Continuous improvement of the production process.

۵-      Facilitating production development.

۶-      Developing constructional activities and fulfilling contracts.

۷-      Developing and improving the safety, health and environmental protocols.

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Aptus Iran industrial complex, 2nd Eastern Street, Eram Bulevard, Mehershahr, Karaj , Iran

Tel: +98 26 33314730 – 36

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